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For information regarding the requirements for a student to receive medication at school, please refer to the document at the bottom of this page, Requirements/Medication at School. Required forms are located at the bottom of this page, Student Medical Forms or Form Downloads/Student Medical Forms, in the navigation bar at the top of every Finley School District web page.


May 3, 2021 Update

Finley School District is changing how we manage student immunization records. We are now using the School Module, an online system provided by the Washington State Department of Health. The School Module allows us to quickly and efficiently check if your child has the vaccines required for school. This will save us time finding and entering vaccination dates and free up time to work with students.

To help with this transition, we are asking parents and guardians to complete the Permission to Share Immunization Information Form online HERE. As we move to this system, the school nurse may ask you for more information about your child’s vaccination history. If your child is missing vaccines in the system, we may ask for a copy of their immunization record. Most children born and/or vaccinated in Washington already have their information in the system. You can access your child’s record at any time by signing up for MyIR at

Washington law requires that the official, up-to-date Washington State Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) be on file for every student enrolled in the district. On or before the first day of attendance, all students must present or have on file a signed and dated Certificate of Immunization.


Department of Health

Immunization Schedules

My Immunization Record
Secure online system to access your and your families immunization records.

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