Special Dietary Needs

The Finley School District will provide access to healthy meals to all children, including children with disabilities who have special dietary needs.  Under the law, a disability is an impairment which substantially limits a major life activity, which can include allergies and digestive conditions, but does not include personal diet preferences.  Reasonable modifications to meal(s) will be made on a case-by-case basis to accommodate disabilities which restrict a child's diet.

How do I get Special Dietary accommodations for my child?

Requests for special dietary needs are made by the parent or guardian providing the district with a completed Request for Special Dietary Accommodations form.  This form MUST include the following.

  • Food(s) to be omitted/avoided from the child's diet
  • How the ingestion of the food impacts the child
  • Food(s) to be substituted
  • Signature of a State-recognized medical authority (a licensed health care professional authorized to write medical prescriptions in Washington State)
Turn in a completed Special Dietary Accommodations form to the school's head cook.  The head cook will work with the Food Service Director to make the necessary arrangements to provide the student with the requested accommodations.  The Food Service Director may work with the District's Section 504 Coordinator, school nurse, school principal and food service staff in providing accommodations for children with disabilities.

Special dietary needs will be provided at no extra charge.

Continuing to work with your school:

Continued communication is necessary for the most up-to-date care.  Times to communicate with your school may include:

  • New special dietary needs
  • Updated restrictions (for example your child was not able to eat tomatoes, but now he/she can)
  • Questions or concerns about your child's care

Questions or concerns regarding Special Dietary, contact Carrie Hoburg, Food Service Director, at 509-582-2158. Disputes over meal modification should be directed to the Food Service Director.