Opt Out

Photography / Video Opt-Out

Photographs and/or videos of students are taken during the school day and at school events for use in district and educational news releases, publications, video productions, social media, and the district website. On occasion, television and other news media are invited to cover stories in our schools and take photos, video and/or interview students. As a safety precaution, the district will not identify students by their full name, except when the student is being recognized for an accomplishment or award during a special event.

This notice is provided to parents/guardians annually and is in effect for the duration of the school year. Parents and students over 18 years of age have the right to request that all or portions of photographs and videos not be released without prior written approval.

If you do NOT wish to have your child(ren) photographed or videotaped for any reason, you must sign and return a Photography Non-Permission/Opt-Out form.

Download a print-version of the Photography Non-Permission/Opt-Out Form

Computer / Network - Student Access

All students will have computer access to the K-20 network system as part of their educational program. Students and/or their parents may opt out of access to the K-20 network system by signing a Computer Network Opt Out Agreement, which is available at each school (Form 2022-B).

Download a print-version of the Computer Network Opt Out Agreement


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