Pesticide Notification

At least 48 hours before the application of a pesticide to school grounds or facilities, the District will notify interested parents/guardians and employees of the planned application in writing. The notification shall be made by posting the application information in the office area of the facility. If the application is not made within 48 hours of the notice, another application notification will be made and posted prior to the application.

This pre-notification is not required in the case of an emergency application of pesticide, such as an application to control stinging insects, but full notification shall be made as soon as possible after the application. Pre-notification is not required if the facility grounds or building will not be occupied by students for two days following the application.

Following the application of a pesticide to school facilities, a sign of at least 8.5” x 11” in size shall be posted at the location of application. This notice shall state the product name, date, time, and specific location of the application as well as the pest for which the application was made and a contact name and number. The notice shall remain posted for 24 hours or longer if so required. For any questions or concerns regarding pesticides or the IPM program, contact the District Office at 509.586.3217.