Emergency School Evacuation

The Finley School District has potentially hazardous industrial sites within its boundaries. In the case of an accident involving the atmospheric release of volatile and toxic materials, it may be necessary to evacuate one or more of the Finley Schools. In other cases, we may seal the buildings and shelter in place.

Therefore, the Finley School District wants its patrons to know about and understand the school evacuation plan. It has been designed to insure the safety of the students and staff in case of an accident requiring an evacuation. The school evacuation will be triggered by a call from the Benton County Emergency Warning system, the local Fire Department Emergency Unit and/or other emergency entities. The Superintendent of Schools or designee will direct the evacuation. When the evacuation begins, school bus drivers and qualified volunteer staff will report to the transportation office and will be assigned a bus. They will proceed to the appropriate school parking lot and load students.

During the loading of the first school’s students, students in other affected schools will be informed of the evacuation route over the intercom system.  The evacuation route will be determined by the Benton County Emergency Team who will communicate to the school the route and the destination.

Those students having their own transportation will be dismissed and asked to follow the evacuation route and proceed to the destination or pick up point.  Teachers will be asked to transport students and to lead the caravan of cars to the destination.  The school administrators will direct the evacuation of their schools and parking lots.  They will be the last to leave the school grounds.

Parents will be directed to the destination student pick up points using the Emergency Radio/TV system.  We ask that parents DO NOT come to the school location during an evacuation and please stay away from the evacuation route.