Title I Annual Notifications

Finley School District Title I Annual Update

Developed by Amy McLaughlin, Director (Updated November 5, 2021)

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What is Title I?

Title I, Part A is part of the Every Student Succeeds Act. Its purpose is to ensure that all children are provided with a significant opportunity to receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education. Aiming to close educational achievement gaps, Title I, Part A provides financial assistance to districts and schools where the needs are the greatest.

Title I, Part A in Finley School District

Finley Elementary and Finley Middle School receive Title I funding to support Schoolwide Programs. In Schoolwide Programs, all students benefit from the upgraded systems of support that the funding provides. In an effort to address the needs of students not meeting academic achievement standards, our schools use Title I funding to provide the following enhancements:

  • Teachers and instructional aides
  • One-to-one or small group instruction
  • Communities in Schools
  • Teacher professional development

Parents have the right to request regular information or meetings about Title I programs, activities, and/or parent involvement opportunities. Please contact your school principal at any time!

Please Share Your Questions and Ideas

We appreciate your feedback and participation in our programs! Each school site has already or will be contacting and meeting with families to share the required Title I notifications, including:

  • The Parent Engagement Plan
  • School-Parent Compact
  • Annual Meeting Notice

Attending a school’s annual meeting and/or Title I events is a terrific way to obtain information, get questions answered, and provide input and feedback that increases the success of our programs.

School Report Cards

You can see Finley School District’s report card on the State website HERE

Parent and Family Engagement

Engaging families as full partners in the education of their children is a cornerstone of ESSA. When families support learning, children are more successful in school, and school success helps children become successful adults. Students with engaged parents and families are more likely to:

  1. Learn to read faster
  2. Have higher grades and tests scores
  3. Be promoted and take challenging classes
  4. Adapt better to school and have better attendance
  5. Have better social skills and behavior
  6. Graduate high school, on time!

To become an active participant in your student’s education:
Communicate: Stay informed and respond to all communications from the school or district.
Set an example: Show your student that education is important by reading and attending parent/teacher conferences and school events.
Volunteer: Volunteer at your student’s school and help with extra-curricular activities. Participate in and support parent and family engagement activities at school.
Learn: Help your student with classwork, homework, and future education plans.
Get Involved: Join school/parent organizations, school improvement teams, parent advisory councils, and other parent committees.
Collaborate: Participate in parent activities with other families.
Know and use local community resources (such as libraries, universities, community centers, etc.) to better identify and access services for your student & family.

You can help your student’s success! For great ideas, tips, & parent guides, visit OSPI’s website (www.k12.wa.us) and search for Guides & Resources for Parent & Family Engagement.

Title I Parental Involvement Policy

The School Board recognizes that parent and family engagement helps students participating in Title I programs achieve academic standards. To promote parent and family engagement, the Board adopted Policy 4130 which describes how the district will involve parents and family members of Title I students in developing and implementing the district’s Title I programs. To review Board Policy 4130, please visit the district website and search for Policy 4130.

Please send your comments and questions to [email protected]. To help us improve, we would greatly appreciate your feedback on the following:
1. What are barriers to participation in parent involvement activities?
2. How can we assist with your student’s learning at home?
3. What assistance can we provide to increase engagement with school personnel and teachers?
4. What suggestions do you have for us to better support successful school and family interactions?

Share Your Feedback

In accordance with Board Policy 4130, each school offering Title I services will have a separate Parent and Family Engagement Plan, which will be developed with parents and family members of Title I students. We invite you to review your school’s Parent/Family Engagement Plan and School Improvement Plan. These documents can be viewed on the school website, and hard copies are available upon request. Please send your comments and questions to your school’s principal.

Finley Elementary School Website
Finley Middle School Website

Right to Request Staff Qualifications

Since your student’s school receives Title I funds, you have the right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of the classroom teachers and paraeducators who work with the students. To request this information, please contact the Human Resources Department at 509-586-3217 or [email protected]

Why is State Testing Required?

Families have the right to know how their child is progressing towards college and career readiness. School districts need to know if the curriculum they have chosen to teach the state learning standards is working, or if they should make adjustments. State testing is required by state law (RCW28A.230.095) and federal law (ESEA). Learn more about why testing is required at OSPI’s Frequently Asked Questions webpage.
OSPI Website: www.k12.wa.us/student-success/testing/state-testing

Resolving a Concern

Concerns can most accurately and efficiently be addressed by those closest to the problem. The School Board encourages you to follow the steps outlined on our website. If you need help to determine the appropriate person to contact, please call the FSD Special Programs Office at 509-586-3217.

  • FSD Website: Search for Procedure No. 4220P: Complaints Concerning Staff and Programs
  • OSPI Website: Search for File a Citizen Complaint


Director: Amy McLaughlin - [email protected]
Administrative Assistant: Laurie Tufford - [email protected]
FES Title/LAP Teacher: Stephanie Bradshaw - [email protected]
FES Principal: Pam Kinne - [email protected]
FMS Title/LAP Teacher: Tina Gore - [email protected]
FMS Principal: Michael Harrington - [email protected]


Visit these websites for more information about Title I:

  • Finley School District (finleysd.org): Departments & Programs> TITLE I / LAP PROGRAM
  • Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) (www.k12.wa.us): Policy & Funding>Grants & Grant Management>Closing Educational Achievement Gaps (Title I, Part A)