Elementary Program

Welcome to Finley Elementary's Title I and Learning Assistance Program (LAP) Program!

We are fortunate enough to have our Title I/LAP program currently providing additional assistance for selected students in the areas of reading, math, and behavioral supports. Students are selected for Title I/LAP assistance based on multiple measures including assessment data and teacher input. The goal is for all students to be reading, doing math, and behaving according to grade level expectations. Any students who show they are performing at grade level are exited from the Title I/LAP program as they no longer need the additional support.

Reading Title I/LAP support involves an entire grade breaking into small reading groups for 30-40 minutes a day where students are instructed with materials that closely fit their reading needs. Students are moved to a different group or given different materials to work with depending on how their reading skills are progressing.

Math LAP support is either a push-in or a pull-out program for a short period of time a few days each week to provide additional instruction for students struggling with math.

Behavior LAP support is for students who are currently receiving support in either reading or math who also need additional support to help them manage their behavior so their behavior is not interfering with their ability to learn in class.

Please check back frequently to read our monthly Title I/LAP Newsletter which gives family-friendly tips to help students at home.

Have a fantastic day!


Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy 4130 English
Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy 4130 Spanish