GLAD Teaching & Learning

GLAD Teaching & Learning
Posted on 09/01/2022

Teachers are continuing to find ways to improve their skills and be lifelong learners themselves. Finley teachers started off the weeks before school began with some professional development training. Our dedicated staff members learned about GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Development) strategies from two of our GLAD trainers: Crystalyn Fabbri and Chris Witt.

Project GLAD is a model of professional development and learning. Committed to high quality implementation of research-based strategies, students receive high caliber educational practices that prepare them for college and career pathways in an unpredictable future where critical thinking skills and creativity are a necessity. The comprehensive model meets the cognitive, linguistic and emotional needs of all students and is vital for multilingual learners.

GLAD Guiding Principals:

  • All students have valuable assets that foster life-long success
  • Diversity and respect is cultivated and celebrated
  • Research and data drive our practice
  • Development of language proficiency in language learners is a core value
  • The master of language is evidenced through academic success

Finley has three Project GLAD district trainers, and all three teach at Finley Middle School. Our trainers are Tina Gore, Chris Witt, and Crystalyn Fabbri. Our GLAD trainers provide professional development opportunities for teachers throughout the year, including monthly after school GLAD refreshers, initial GLAD training, GLAD Summer Camp, and all-district professional development.

To learn more about GLAD in Finley schools, contact Amy McLaughlin at [email protected] or 586-3217.

Teacher shows poster to other teachers in training 
teachers attending training 
 teacher stands presenting lesson on covered wagons  teachers attending training
 teacher presents poster to other teachers in training