Board Approves February Levy Resolution

Board Approves February Levy Resolution
Posted on 11/28/2022

Finley voters will be asked to approve an Educational Programs & Operations Levy on February 14, 2023. During their regular meeting on November 21, 2022, the Finley School Board approved the Levy Resolution to continue school programs that have been put on hold as a result of last year’s budget reductions and double levy failure.

The proposed tax rates for the 2023 Levy are $2.25 in 2024 and $2.27 in 2025. These rates are 8-10 cents lower than the previous rates proposed in April 2022. Additionally, the total amount that would be collected for the proposed 2023 levy is $120,000 less than the district's previous proposal.

Finley’s EP&O Levy impacts students and staff across all Finley schools and grade levels, as money from the local levy is used to pay for athletics, extracurricular activities and clubs, curriculum and supplies, technology, staff salaries, and more. If voters approve Finley's levy on February 14th, our district would have the opportunity to:

  • Reduce class sizes
  • Increase opportunities for music and the arts
  • Resume curriculum adoptions that were put on hold
  • Improve school building and grounds upkeep
  • Include “C” teams for athletics at the high school
  • Bring back two teams for all middle school sports

Detailed information, materials, and resources on the 2023 EP&O Levy can be found on the District’s website at Those with questions are encouraged to contact the District Office at 509.586.3217. Ballots will be mailed to local voters near the end of January and must be dropped off or postmarked by 8PM on Tuesday, February 14, 2023.