Continuous Learning

Male and female student with learning materials. Continuous learning in Finley
The State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has provided all Washington public schools with a new framework and rules for grading as a result of the COVID-19 school closures. As Finley School District moves forward with our Continuous Learning Plan, we have updated our grading policy to reflect the new requirements from OSPI.

Finley School District remains committed to ensuring that all of our students have the essential knowledge and skills in place to meet standards and move forward to achieve success in their next grade level. Our staff will continue to engage Finley students in learning activities throughout the remainder of the school year.

Finley School District Grading Policy – Effective March 13, 2020 to June 30, 2020

It is important that student learning and engagement continues and that the extended school closures do not negatively impact students’ grades. We encourage and expect students to engage in the learning activities and materials provided by their teachers.

Grading framework for students in Kindergarten to 5th Grade:

Finley students in Kindergarten to 5th grade will move on to the next grade, unless by mutual agreement between parents/guardians and teachers they agree to repeat a grade. All elementary students will receive a “S” grade for General Education Academic areas for third trimester.

Grading framework for Students in 6th-12th Grade

Students in 6th-12th grade have two grading options:

Option 1: Maintain Their Passing Grade

The student’s passing grade as of March 13th will carry forward to the final grading period (passing grades are A-D). For example, if a student had a “B” grade as of March 13th, the final grade will also be a “B.”

Option 2: Improve Their Grade

Students may choose to improve their grade. Students choosing to improve their grade should contact their teacher(s). Teachers will determine the learning activities the student needs to complete to improve their grade. Upon completion of the work, the teacher will assess whether the student completed their work at a satisfactory level to improve the final grade (teachers are not required to assign individual letter grades for each individual assignment provided to students).

No student will receive a failing “F,” a no credit “NC" or a pass “P” grade*. If a student had a failing grade as of March 13th, the student will receive a grade of “Incomplete” and will be provided the opportunity to complete required course work at a later date or through alternate means. Students with passing grades in credit-bearing courses will be awarded credit. Final letter grades of A-D will be reflected on the student’s transcript and factored into the student’s grade point average (GPA).

* Finley students on an IEP may receive a “Pass” if the IEP indicates.

Continuous Distance Learning

As our district moves forward with our Continuous Learning plan, Finley teachers will do the following:

  1. Develop learning goals and expectations for each class
  2. Establish weekly “office hours” (either via email or other communication method) to be available to answer questions, provide support, and document student contacts
  3. Monitor student progress/provide support and feedback to students
  4. Notify students of the platform they will be using to deliver instructional materials and activities to their students:
    • Most elementary and middle school teachers are working with students and delivering learning materials using Google Classroom. Teachers will make arrangements to deliver instructional materials and lessons to students who are unable to connect with Google Classroom.
    • All high school teachers have moved to Google Classroom and will no longer be preparing two-week packets for distribution on the buses or as scanned copies online. Students who are unable to access Google Classroom need to contact the school at 582-2158 to request materials in a different format.

Printed Learning Packets

Kindergarten to 5th Grade:

Printed copies of learning packets will continue to be delivered at bus stops for students in Kindergarten to 5th grade who have made arrangements with their teacher(s). These learning packets will be uploaded onto the website accordingly and delivered at bus stops on the following dates:

  • May 1
  • May 15
  • May 29

6th-8th Grade:

Grade-level and subject-specific assignments will be provided to middle school students primarily through Google Classroom.  Effective April 30, 2020, FMS will no longer be uploading scanned copies of learning packets or other instructional materials to the school or district website. Printed copies of learning packets may be available for students who have made arrangements with their teacher(s).Students should work with their individual teachers if they have any questions regarding accessing Google Classroom.

Expected daily student time commitments by grade level:

  • K-1: 45 minutes
  • 2-3: 60 minutes
  • 4-5: 90 minutes
  • 6-12: 30 minutes per teacher/three hours maximum per day