Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations were prepared by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction with the advice of the Chief of the Washington State Patrol and of the Director of Highways of the State of Washington, and apply to all public school buses operating in the State of Washington.

1. The driver is in full charge of the bus and pupils.

2. Pupils shall ride their regularly assigned bus at all time unless permission has been granted by the school authorities.

3. Unless by permission of school authorities, no pupil shall be permitted to leave the bus except at his/her regular stop.

4. Each pupil may be assigned a seat in which he will be seated at all times.

5. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct must be obeyed.

6. Pupils are to assist in keeping the bus clean. Refrain from throwing refuse out of the bus. No eating.

7. No smoking or fires.

8. No open windows unless by permission.

9. Pupils must see that they have nothing in their possession that may cause injury to another. No animals allowed.

10. Each pupil must see that his/her belongings are kept out of the aisle.

11. No pupil will be allowed to talk to the driver more than necessary.

12. No pupil shall sit in the driver's seat, or be immediately left or right of the driver.

13. Pupils are to remain seated while bus is in motion.

14. Pupils must leave bus in orderly manner.

15. Pupils must cross the highway ONLY in front of the bus and ONLY with the consent of the school bus driver.

16. Pupils must not stand or play in the roadway while waiting for the bus.

17. Self-discipline should be exercised by pupils at the bus loading area and bus stops.

18. Pupils who walk some distance to and from the bus must walk on the left side of the roadway.

19. In the event of an actual emergency, emergency exit drill procedures will be followed.

20. School districts will be reimbursed for damages to buses by students/parents.

21. Student's misconduct will be sufficient reason for transportation to be discontinued for those involved.