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elementaryFinley Elementary School
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Principal: Pam Kinne
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Principal's Message




Spring brings flowers and testing

There are less than 50 days of school but the learning will continue on.  The last part of the school year is heavy with testing; MSP (state testing), MAP (district testing), and DIBELS (K-2 testing).  We will also be piloting the new state testing called the SBAC or Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

It is really important for the kids to be here for testing dates and on time.  If possible, please schedule appointments for after school.


There are some other things you can do to help your child be more successful:

Make sure that they get a good night sleep before the test.   Kids between the ages of 5 and

12 need between 9 and 11 hours of sleep each night.


Eat a healthy breakfast.  Make sure that your kids eat something at home or eat breakfast at

school.  Food provides the energy the brain and body need to function correctly.  Pop and

chips probably aren’t the best food choices for growing bodies however even something simple like peanut butter toast will give them some good protein to start the day.


Talk to your child.  Emphasize how important it is for them to always do their best – even if something is difficult.  You really set the tone of how important school is.

Here is our testing schedule for this spring:

MSP (all day test):    Thursday April 24th Reading Test grades 3-5

Tuesday April 29th Math Test grades 3-5

Thursday May 1st Writing Test day 1 grade 4

Tuesday May 6th Writing Test day 2 grade 4

Thursday May 8th Science Test grade 5


MAP:    This begins April 22nd and runs through May 13th.  Grades K-2 will be tested in math

and reading.  Classes are scheduled anywhere from 30 minutes to 90, minutes depending on the age group, in the computer lab for each test they take.


DIBELS:  This is a reading proficiency test for grade KG-2nd grade.  This testing will be done   May 22nd – May 30th.

Thank you for your help,

Pam Kinne