Student Registration

How to enroll in the Finley School District:

To obtain an Application for Enrollment for students who are new to the Finley School District, including transfer students and students who are returning to Finley from another district, please print a copy of the checklist below.  Bring the requested information to the school office to obtain an Application for Enrollment. 

Please note:  Forms are not available on-line but are available in each school office.

Only parents and/or legal guardians can enroll students in the Finley School District.

Out of district students will be accepted on a case by case basis.

At which schools are you enrolling students. 

Circle all that apply                         Elementary                         Middle School                   High School        


           Birth Certificate (provides district with legal name and parents/guardianship

____  Proof of Guardianship (such as the birth certificate from above or custodial agreements, Guardian Ad Litem, etc...)

____  Immunization records

____  Proof of Finley Residency (Two documents such as a driver’s license with appropriate address, utility statement,   lease agreement, or other documents approved by the district.)

____  Any other legal documents (Temporary Restraining Orders, etc.)

What if I have misplaced or cannot find my child’s birth certificate?

Birth certificates may be obtained through the Benton Franklin Health District.  Copies may be purchased for $20.00 each.  Certified copies of birth certificates are available for persons born in the state of Washington dating back to January 1, 1927.  Births prior to this date must be requested from the Department of Vital Records in Olympia.  

The following information will be required:  Full name on birth certificate, date & place of birth, mother’s full maiden name, and father’s full name.