School Board

Board Meeting Dates

The Finley School Board meets the third Monday of each month, unless otherwise noted. Meetings are held at the District Office and begin at 7 PM, unless otherwise noted.  Parents, community members and students are invited to attend.  Meeting agendas are printed in the Tri-City Herald the Sunday before the meeting date and posted on the District’s website.  A sign-in sheet for attendance and audience participation is located at the back of the meeting room.  Please sign in if you wish to address the Board.

January Board Meeting date is Monday January 23, 2017 due to Holiday.

February Board Meeting date is Monday February 27, 2017 due to Holiday.

Board meeting agendas and minutes prior to September 2015 are available upon request for viewing at the District Office, 509-586-3217.

Linkage Meetings

END 4, Communication & Learning Styles, Linkage Meeting March 20, 2017 during the regularly scheduled board meeting.

For more information regarding Linkage meetings (including a list of future meeting dates) click here LINKAGE

What Makes a Great School Board Member?  Link to Flyer (Includes how to file for candidacy and where to get more information about school board service)

What Makes a Great School Board Member?

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