State / Federal Programs


It is the policy of the Finley School District to provide optimum learning opportunities for all students including those who are gifted/highly capable.  The Highly Capable Program is intended to provide:

  • Identification and eligibility processes for students K-12, with permission from parents.
  • Support options for eligible students that are beyond the normal learning environment, and imbedded into the basic education activities.
  • Compliance with Washington State requirements for services to students eligible for the Highly Capable Program.

Questions or concerns can be answered by the building principals or the Director of Human Resources and Student Learning.

Is your child academically, artistically or creatively gifted?  If so, you may request to have your child tested for the Finley School District Highly Capable program this school year.  There are multiple definitions of highly capable, from intellectual to academic to artistic.  If you feel your child qualifies under one or more of these definitions and should be tested for this program, please contact the Highly Capable Liaison, Susan Tatum, at 509-586-7577 or by email at  Students may qualify in grades kindergarten through grade 12.  If qualified, they are served throughout their school career, unless you request your child be removed from the program.  Currently, students are served in their regular classrooms.


Susan Tatum

Librarian/Highly Capable Liaison


Amy McLaughlin

Special Services Director