Special Education

Meeting the needs of our students

Special education provides a variety of programs and services for disabled students.  Special education teachers, a school psychologist, a speech and language pathologist, and an occupational therapist are all members of building-level mutidisciplinary teams.  These teams, along with regular education teachers, counselors and administrators develop appropriate programs to meet the neeeds of disabled students.

A preschool program is available at Finley Elementary School for disabled children between the ages of 3 and 5.  If you know of a preschool age child in our area who may be developmentally delayed or has special needs, please contact the elementary school for more information.  Monthly screenings will be scheduled for these students to determine eligibility for services.

The Finley School District provides services for disabled students between birth and 21 years old.  The district operates a Child Find Program to locate and identify disabled students.  For more information, contact the building principal or the Special Services Manager at 586-3217.

Parents and community members may review, upon request, policies and procedures, evaluations, budget and services related to the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), Part B programs.  If you are interested please contact the Special Services Manager at 586-3217.


Laurie Tufford

Special Services Secretary/Homeless Liaison